We envision a world where XXY in all its representations is accepted, and each individual and family has access to compassionate and knowledgeable care that respects the humanity, dignity, and potential of the individual.

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AHRC recommends all unnecessary medical interventions on Intersex children be prohibited.

A landmark Human Rights Commission report, to be released tomorrow, recommends all Australian states and territories prohibit unnecessary medical treatments that modify a child’s physical, hormonal or genetic sex characteristics until they are old enough to consent. If accepted, the…

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I really appreciate the effort you guys have put into creating this space for the XXY community, the information is invaluable and just what my doctor required to ensure I was receiving the treatment that was right for me.

As a non-binary/xxy kid’s parent, since 2009 I have been constantly told by the medical authorities that I have a “broken boy” and “with a little T, he will be fixed just fine”. They never told me I have a healthy intersex child.