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A Rare Breed

Tells the story of Rob Wilson a Tasmanian Chicken and Pig breeder who also happens to be XXY. Rob was born with two complete sets of male and female gonads and was operated on as a child so they would present more male like in appearance. With the assistance of fertility treatments he went on to ‘father’ children and by all accounts has lived successfully in that role.

XXY Connect

The XXY Project hosts a weekly Zoom catch up every Sunday at 7.45am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) which is equivalent to Saturday 10.45pm in London, England and Saturday 3.45pm in Colorado, America. We look forward to chatting with you.


The XXY Project is an Australian initiative crafted from a need to tackle misinformation perpetrated by Doctor and Parent advocacy groups promoting early androgen interventions among infant and adolescent children who are too young to understand the metamorphism expected of them. We…