Beyond XXY’s Got Talent

Are you a talented XXY individual such as an Artist, Musician, Comedian, Sculptor, Photographer, Jeweller. Candlestick Maker, Story Teller, Author, Furniture Maker, Tea Pot Designer Slide1 or even a Genie and looking for an outlet amongst the community to advertise or just to let others know what it is you are passionate about, if so here at Beyond XXY we would be happy to link to your service or hobby and in the process showcase to the world our many talents. You can register your interest by replying to this post

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  1. Hi! I was actually born Chimera and surgically altered at age 3. Even so I still relate here. I am an artist, tattoo flash artist, painter, guitarist and many other talents. I like to make jewellry do woodworking landscaping and public speaker/minister. I discovered in my limited research of intersex souls that many of us are in fact very much in tune with a great deal of their brains. Emotions and inner abilities are a natural given. I know this may sound silly to some but in Genesis 1:26-27 I found that we are not alone. God not only created Adam in His own image, it says he created He them both male and female in His own image! To me this is very evident that we are special and have special purposes. In my Native American culture perle like us are revered and honored and given place unlike the culture outside of American indigenous people.

    1. Hi and thanks for the insight regarding Chimera however in this particular instance we are specifically trying to highlight the experiences of people who are XXY and or variant, variant meaning XY/XXY, XX/XXY, XX/YY, XXXY, all of whom are otherwise silent and in some instances experience a level of cognitive disability which makes it difficult to gather their thoughts and put it on paper.

    1. Hi Amanda and thank you for your interest in registering this talent, do you by any chance have a link to showcase your work, like a facebook page or something similar, if so we would be delighted to link to it and add you to our directory.

  2. Hi I enjoy painting rocks. I am still quite new to painting but I’m getting better as I go along. I’d be interested in seeing others talents too

    1. Hi Tony, sounds like lots of fun, do you have something we can link to like a photo album or something like that ? If so we would be delighted to list you in our directory.

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