The More Things Change, The Greater The Pace of Ignorance

If you’ve given any thought as to why the juggernaut of Virilisation continues unabated especially amongst a sex chromosome variant population like XXY, even though adults who have long been exposed have either never experienced the full impact or worse have experienced undesirable effects many of which have been a detriment to physical and mental health, then think no further because the answer remains firmly stuck with what doctors think they know as opposed to what they could and should know. The metaphor of it been easier to dig a hole than build a pole seems easiest to adopt when dealing with additional sex chromosomes where the presence of  Y chromosome takes precedence over understanding the impact of additional  X’s  even though it is well-documented sex chromosomes control the twenty-two pairs of autosomes and not as long perpetuated, the other way round. The significance then of turning a blind eye to our DNA and instead administering potent exogenous testosterone would be like running a petrol car on diesel and expecting it to perform at its optimal best when in essence it will eventually stop, or in the case of an XXY infant, may never even start.

Our only hope is that more females become involved in the fields of Molecular Biology and Cytogenetics as only then will we begin to see a greater emphasis toward understanding every body’s biological makeup inclusive of XXY.