Why We Should All Use They/ Them Pronouns

Looking at this from the perspective of a newly diagnosed XXY person regardless of what age that occurs, just think about how wonderfully rewarding this would be especially in the years following diagnoses if the first words an Endocrinologist/Urologist said to you were “your results have come back and confirmed a diagnosis of XXY, now tell me what can we do for you as an individual, what is it that you want, or don’t”

This week, tech developers introduced Q, the world’s first “genderless” virtual assistant. Whereas Siri, Alexa and most other electronic helpers speak in conspicuously feminine tones, Q has been engineered to create a gender-neutral effect. As a result, users can benefit from all the useful information and guidance available to us today, without reinforcing the old-fashioned idea that the role of eager helpmate is necessarily played by a woman.

But degendering is not just good for robots. It’s time we humans get serious about it too.

There are signs we’re moving in that direction already. Some people—and even companies—are pushing back against everyday practices that automatically place us into binary gender categories. Just this week, for example, United Airlines announced that it would create a new booking option for people who do not identify as Mr. or Ms.; they can now choose the gender-neutral honorific Mx.

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