Trust In Scientists Is Rising, Poll Finds

We don’t believe that’s always the case, certainly not amongst American researchers where the focus on 47XXY is firmly centred on infant virilisation and micro TESE. Paper after paper is like a buddy list of cross-referencing Clinicians and Researchers intertwined with ‘specialty’ clinics dotted throughout that land. Not helpful is the limited interest in discovering our holy grail that which constitutes the building blocks of our individuality and thus explaining our poor pharmacology uptake of the standard treatment of care, where contrary to those holding the reigns and guiding our community down the garden path, is not restricted by what application we use but, rather the treatment itself. You see researchers and parent advocacy groups derive income or other resources through talking about 47XXY and Variants but, only on a rare occasion will they engage with the community and ask ‘what do they want’ but even then instances of this nature are still focused on the garden path ideology.

So given the measly interest in discovering our truth, you might ask ‘who funds the limited research we are seeing? Well depending on where you live in the world mTESE is a hugely expensive procedure and particularly so in America which just happens to be the heartland of XXY advocacy. Companies responsible for these procedures pump huge sums of money into researching successful outcomes where breaking through the fertility impasse amongst an otherwise sterile group equates to big returns and an equally huge sales pitch for a broader group of people. The fact that most XXY individuals (if researchers were to ask) are not interested in ‘fathering’ children because they have a difficult time just looking after themselves, seems completely overlooked as the juggernaut of madness pushes on through often given false hope to people who already have none.

Another source for funding are pharmaceutical companies those who produce the potent androgens we place in our bodies, while the biggest users of these products are not XXY’s but older Men trying to wind back the clock along with Bodybuilders, what they all have in common inclusive of XXY is they are allowed to self medicate, take what they want as opposed to what they need the outcomes of which usually end up in Emergency Clinics and become someone else’s problem. In very recent times funding of this nature has flowed through the veins of a parent advocacy organisation in America which just happens to be the same organisation most parents of XXY children and infants look toward for advice, and not surprisingly the same organisation most Clinicians refer them too and while Clarus Therapeutics is not a sponsor of this post. it was a major sponsor of the recent AXYS Conference in Atlanta which can only be viewed by observers as payback for AXYS’s heavy endorsement (its entire board) of  Jatenzo an oral form of Testosterone, that succeeded in gaining approval by the Food and Drugs Administration based on that input.

From the manufacturer.clarus
So you tell me, should we place our trust in Scientists to do the right thing by us, instinct says no, but gullible people those who want quick solutions where there are none, seldom adhere to such.

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