Writing From Below – Dr Michael Noble Special Edition – Call For Submissions

The late Dr Michael Noble (1959-2008) was a writer, researcher, activist and advocate who through his life work make a significant contribution to his communities, to knowledge, and to the lives of those around him. In 2020, Writing From Below will publish a special issue to honour and extend Dr Noble’s impact. We are seeking papers for this issue, both from those who knew Dr Noble personally and from those who have connected or are now beginning to connect with his written works.

We are looking for unique works that reflect, examine, respond, and challenge the ideas found within:

Dr Noble’s academic work:

  • Dr Noble’s PhD exegetical thesis Nicholas Culpeper and the mystery of the philosopher’s stone: recovering and enhancing subjugated knowledges through historical fiction. Available online.
  • The control, dissemination, and management of knowledge and power.
  • Gender, Sex, and Sexuality from unique personal and academic points of view.

Dr Noble’s personal passions:

  • Personal stories and reflections of your time with Dr Noble.
  • Meditation, Buddhism, and spirituality.
  • Interactions and teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL).
  • Creative interpretations of social, political, and artistic movements that further acceptance, minimising forced intervention on people’s bodies, and distribution of personal knowledge.
  • Further responses to an aspect of Michael’s life in the links below.

For this special issue, we invite both traditional and non-traditional submissions under the following categories:

  • Full Critical Papers (3000-7000 words)
  • Poster / Visual art submissions (please include 250 word ERA research statement)
  • Creative Writings including poetry, short fiction, fictocritical, experimental, ethnographic and/or hybrid writings (up to 3000 words; please include 250 word ERA research statement).

If submitting Visual or Creative works, please see the ERA Research Statement Guidelines

All submissions are due on 20th December 2019, and we ask you post them to Writing From Below

About Dr Noble

Dr Noble really was born out of his time—he loved cross-stitching and restoring antique writing boxes, and his PhD focuses on the 17th century philosopher, Nicholas Culpepper. He brought balance into his life through a love of bush-walking and gardening, along with his 30-year meditation practice, which sustained him through his final battle with cancer in 2018. Despite being frequently ill, flattened by fatigue and often depressed, he managed to complete an exemplary five degrees, culminating in his ground-breaking PhD in 2017. Dr Noble fought for years to bring the intersex community to the forefront of community awareness. He had strong views on popular misconceptions regarding intersex people, and he aimed to bring a stronger sense of lived realities and diversity, including the movement’s core human rights issues of bodily autonomy and self-determination. In the early 2000s, he became a public speaker and he later joined Intersex Human Rights Australia. He remained part of the intersex human rights movement up until his death, contributing to policy debates in South Australia and nationally, and affirming the Darlington Statement in early 2018. Dr Noble was the Intersex Consultant and Communications Officer for the 2017 Gender, Sex and Sexualities Art culations of Violence Committee, where he instigated crucial reforms in the way that the conference approaches notions of gender, sex and sexuality.

About the journal:

Writing from Below is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed gender, sexuality and diversity studies journal. Broadly interdisciplinary in scope, it provides a forum for new and innovative research on gender, sex and sexualities and the array of intersecting issues that shape the social and personal understanding and expression of these. It welcomes both academic and creative explorations (theory is art and art, theory, after all), and specifically encourages scholarly experimentation.

For further information or general questions please contact the special edition editors

  • Dr Corinna Di Niro – corinna.diniro@unisa.edu.au
  • Dr Alex Dunkin – alex@buoncattivipress.com

The Dr Michael Noble Prize:

Professor Megan Warin of the Fay Gale Centre and Simone Stewart of the 2018 Gender Sex and Sexualities Conference Committee present a $250 Dymocks book voucher to Angelica Harris-Faull as the recipient of the first Dr Michael Noble Prize for Outstanding Paper. Angelica’s presentation and paper, ‘the Reproducing womb – matrix’, critically engaged with the topic and theories being explored in this outstanding work, as well as taking a creative and original approach to her academic work. The Gender, Sex, and Sexualities conference is a space to celebrate both critical and creative scholarship, and it was felt that Angelica’s work exemplified this aim.

Other useful Links

Remembering Dr Michael Noble an obituary by Morgan Carpenter of Intersex Human Rights Australia

I am me and I am OK

Representations of Klinefelter Syndrome

Apology to South Australian LGBTIQ communities

Micheal has bequeathed all proceeds from the sale of “Nicholas Culpeper And The Mystery Of The Philosopher’s Stone” to Intersex Human Rights Australia

Vale Michael and thank you for your XXY support and friendship over many years.

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  1. when I came upon the face of Dr. Noble on your submission page my face automatically smiled. I felt instant recognition and liking. I cannot contribute but I will buy his book, and I’d like to be kept informed and perhaps have links to some of the papers resulting from your request


    1. Thank you, Robert, Michael was a lovable person deeply immersed in his Phd studies for a really long time, typical of many XXY’s he wasn’t a great socialiser and much preferred his quiet space with his cat and studies. Unbeknown to him at the time, his writings were a great source of inspiration for myself as I struggled through making sense of it all, it was that inspiration that welded our friendship over many years. He will be missed. I would be happy to keep you informed and will post updates as they happen.


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