A World Without Meaning.

Sadly the XXY community is awash with people like Callie where parents, siblings, loved ones and work colleagues complain about not “getting us” most within the community are medicated with anti depressive and /or amphetamines, resulting in our creativity being quenched. Those who are impacted struggle to fit in, to blend but, as her grandfather pointed out we live in an un-blendable society albeit mostly one with little time for people who are different to themselves.

4 thoughts on “A World Without Meaning.

  1. Loved what her grandfather said. It was beautiful, tender, and the “truth”.

    I pray that he can not only talk about what he said to his parishioners, but communicate how he feels to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and all Anglican’s worldwide. That’s what he needs to do, and it’s within his brief to do so.

    We all have to use the power of our influence to propagate what is important to us. He can change millions of lives for the better. Yes the BBC can do that too. But its just one article in a sea of others. Hopefully he communicates his heartfelt feelings through the church, they are probably more closed, that the general populace.

    Having been at a point of suicide, I know what hopelessness feels like.

    I was lucky, a friend plucked me from the abyss, showed the brightness that is life, let me experience what I enjoyed about life, brought me back to the land of the living.

    Thank you.


    1. I am 47XXY and a high functioning autistic. Have created over a $1BN of intellectual property and am still trying to change the world for the better.


      1. Kudos to you John and your remarkable ability to think outside the box. The world needs more people like you.


    2. Thank you, John we can all play our part in that awareness simply by sharing the article on our social media platforms, an avenue more powerful than any church on earth. I’m sorry for you had to experience this in your own life but, I know only too well what that feels like, the lucky ones (if there is such a thing) are those who can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but even then it takes great strength and courage to stay focussed. I’m glad we were both able to manage this and that in our owns ways we have created our own awareness.


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