Remembering Vaughn Hambley

It is with great sadness the XXY community has learned of the passing of Vaughn Hambley someone who was well regarding as a stalwart and progressive believer of XXY awareness. In his early years of community involvement through various Yahoo Groups, and as a board member of the American Association of Klinefelthers Syndrome, Information and Support (AAKSIS) he, along with other XXY’s of that era were instrumental in paving the way for the support mechanisms we have in place today. Vaughn was a progressive thinker and acknowledged our diverse identities across many different aspects of life and for many years researched and compiled a treasure trove of information which he hosted at

He is dearly missed by all who knew him.

May he rest in Peace.

In Memory, Trailblazer, XXY

Written by onevoice47xxy

Advocate for the rights of the child, believer of the unbelievable, driver of greater awareness and promoter of diversity & acceptance


  1. I’ll write a story about our time together before the KSA Torrance invitational and post it next time I’m here, needless to say he was a great advocate for us! I’ll miss you brother


  2. Oh my brother! Vaughn and I met at one of the conference from KSA and became brothers, before the Torrance one, he flew into Sacramento airport and we hung out before driving down to the conference together, the stories are countless about this time, and since I have nothing else to do being locked in my trailer all day, I think I will write it out and share it next time I’m online. Needless to say to those of you who know us, and possibly were there… he was a good advocate for our cause!


  3. I first came across Vaughn in 1999 at a time when I had just been diagnosed and was struggling to come to grips with the standard treatment of care, Vaughn and others of that era offered great advice on different applications and different types of Testosterone but, none of them actually worked for me. Treatment aside there was a great buzz on the Yahoo groups back then and I think it’s fair to say the community was together as one regardless of what path we had chosen to walk upon. Great adventurous times were had by all and great friends were made, Vaughn was one such person I hit it off with and although we had never met in person, I envisaged meeting with him would be like meeting any other XXY where the connection and empathy we have for one another would be like meeting a childhood friend. It was a pleasure knowing you in this life.

    Goodbye, my friend!


  4. I met Vaughn in person in 2005 at the AAKSIS conference in Atlanta. We had previously been corresponding via various listserves for a decade or so. He was a formidable verbal jouster. I considered him a friend and I will miss him.
    au revoir Vaughn.

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