The XXY Project is an Australian initiative crafted from a need to tackle misinformation perpetrated by Doctor and Parent advocacy groups promoting early androgen interventions among infant and adolescent children who are too young to understand the metamorphism expected of them.

We believe in a better approach where the individuals needs are included in the outcome and only at a time when they are able to fully comprehend what caregivers expect of them. Our mission is to promote a greater understanding of the individuals we all are.

What our readers are saying

This is an excellent resource, thank you for compiling it. I will make sure my doctor and friends know of its existence.


This is what’s needed!
I’m very pleased The XXY Project exists and how it will allow us to learn and contribute our own experiences.
Thank you.


We should never make assumptions when confronted with an XXY individual of any age, and The XXY Project makes this perfectly clear.
Thank you.

Dr. White

I’ve been reading over The XXY Project for most of today and I find the information to be the best I’ve ever come across. This site is exactly what I need in my life and I can see how it would be an excellent platform for helping other’s.
Many thanks.


Together we can make a difference.