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With the onset of an Australian summer, this will be the last fortnightly event for the year. So, if this is something you’ve been meaning to do but, have never got around to it, we encourage you to make a special effort in a couple of hours, we can assure you will not be disappointed with the welcome and conversation. It’s been great chatting with so many of you from around the world over the last number of months, and we hope to hear from many of you again tomorrow.

All the best from the team at The XXY Project and thank you to those of you who have been a part of this great initiative.

A meeting of XXY Minds, strictly for those who are XXY

The XXY Project hosts a fortnightly zoom catch up every second Sunday at 7.45am Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Before attempting to join the conversation, you will need to have downloaded the Zoom App to your device. We recommend you do so well in advance of the meeting, otherwise by the time you have it sorted the meeting will have long finished. When you have done this, you can join the conversation five minutes before the official starting time. The catch up lasts for one hour but, can go longer depending on the discussion, that said, you are free to leave the conversation at any time you wish.

If you would prefer to join the conversation but, do not wish to use the live video feed, then you can do exactly this by selecting “audio only” we want to hear from you in whatever capacity you are most comfortable being heard.

Next scheduled meeting can be found here

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XXY ConneX

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  1. Hello I’m Jason I’d like to join you on Sunday for the Zoom Catch Up at 4pm I’m new to Zoom and I’m not sure how to join your conversation on Zoom can you add me I think you’d need my email address so you can find me it’s nonads70@yahoo.com


    1. Hi Jason, it’s great you will be able to join us, to do this you will have to download the app to your device, the link is in the post above, it should be straight forward but if you have any difficulties doing this, just yell out and I will run you through it. When you have downloaded the App I will post a “join conversation” link to your email address and then it’s only a matter of you clicking on that link join the conversation


      1. I already have the Zoom app in my Computer everytime I click your link it takes me to download the Zoom app again all I’ll need is the Meeting ID or your Personal link.


      2. I’m sorry I didn’t see this until just now, the meeting went well we had about ten participants and we are planning another for either next week or the week after, I will post those details when the date become clearer. I’m not sure why the link didn’t work for you but next time I will include the I.D and passcode separately.


  2. I would like to join in on the conversation. I am 16 hrs behind you which would be 11 pm on Saturday. I don’t get off work until 11:30 so would be late checking in. Do you think that would be too late? If so I can try another time.

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    1. Hi Ron, thanks for expressing an interest in taking part we have moved the start time to 4pm EST which will be 12 midnight in your world. I will email the link to the address you have used for this comment. We look forward to hearing from you.


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