Call Out From Dublin City University (DCU)

The XXY Project has been asked to share this vital research among the XXY community and beyond and we, in turn, ask you, to share it amongst your networks regardless of what Intersex variation that may be. As with research of any nature, numbers are crucial where the more people who participate the more likely the outcome will hit its mark. The research is targeted toward international participation.

You are invited to participate in a survey about online community support for people with Intersex or Variations of Sex Characteristics.

Who We Are

We are academics at Dublin City University, who are undertaking survey research that seeks to identify how individuals with intersex and/or variant condition of sex characteristics view online intersex community platforms and what are their concerns when using those platforms, so that they can be improved. This is particularly important as many Intersex people (or those supporting them) need to source medical or educational information related to their condition. If participation in online intersex communities can be increased, then intersex individuals are more likely to receive informed advice and guidance that can help them in a trusted environment.

The researchers are Dr. Tanya Ni Mhurthile, Dr. Mel Duffy and Prof. Regina Connolly and the survey will take less than 15 minutes to complete.

The research has been approved by DCU Research Ethics Committee. All data collected is anonymous and any information provided is confidential. The study findings will be posted on the DCU/intersex website which is part of the Mapping Living Experience of Intersex in Ireland project and will be used to help moderators improve online intersex platforms and also for scholarly research purposes.