Prostate Cancer, Gender Identity, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Klinefelter Syndrome

There’s a great deal of misinformation in this article in relation to any purported benefits of administering life long exogenous Testosterone , many seem at odds with a real-life experience,  especially so when comparing XXY’s to XY males with the former lacking appropriate numbers of androgen receptors necessary to benefit from it. Masculine qualities such as lean muscle mass, though not impossible to achieve, actually requires a great deal of effort, far more so than an XY male and often with the assistance of an ‘off label’ estrogen inhibitor, an addition that is often referred to as a short term benefit, with longer term pain 

In addition ‘gold standard elements’ that clinicians promote as cause to administer exogenous testosterone have proven baseless, namely how exogenous testosterone does not build stronger bones nor offset osteoporosis, this owes itself to the aromatising factor whereby excess Testosterone is converted to Estrogen, and supplementation with Vitamin D3. Nor does it offset Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, at least not when you factor in the sedentary lifestyle of many who are social introverts that seldom realise being a man takes a lot of effort and is not something gleaned by magic pills. And while heavily promoted by (mostly American) researchers as having a beneficial impact on Cognitive function, the reality is pharmacology  of this nature does not eradicate the additional X chromosome present  among all cells, inclusive of the brains. The only benefit of T, if you will call it that, is that it causes a body to virilise be that  XY, XX or XXY but, for reasons few researchers care to examine, it does not have the same level of virilisation amongst XXY’s.

Prostatic adenocarcinoma has one of the highest cancer incidences in males, yet only five cases of this disease in patients with KS have previously been reported, with two reporting previous TRT. The first case received TRT for seven years before developing prostate adenocarcinoma and receiving radiation therapy. The second was diagnosed after 35 years of TRT and underwent radical prostatectomy. Notably, TRT was not re-initiated in either case. In the remaining three cases, there was no mention of TRT. We were unable to find a case where TRT was re-initiated in a patient with KS post cancer treatment, as was our patient’s wish

Prostate Cancer, Gender Identity, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Klinefelter Syndrome: A Case Report and Literature Review

A better Quality of life is achievable through hard work and knowing what is right for the individuals we all are, exogenous T can play a part but the guidelines around its administration need to be tightened up to insure our playing field is the same as everyone else’s and by that we mean the ‘supposed’ outcome needs to be made a whole lot clearer so we are not exposed to elements we would have otherwise avoided. 

There’s little in here about Gender Dysphoria as it relates to XXY in it’s absence we see an account of a typical Transgender experience which is totally at odds with our experience, you see gender dysphoria only really makes itself known when we are exposed to androgens of potent quantities which is in effect on par with the binary sexes when they are exposed to their respective hormones, as indeed was the initial case with this gentleman. From a medical viewpoint one that pertains to speak on behalf of an XXY community its impartial they understand that distinction. GD in an XXY context is far more prevalent than what it’s given credit for, where no one speaks of ‘bad outcomes’ which can include GD, Paraphilia ideations, Sex Addictions and so forth, those type of outcomes are best not mentioned at all. No, this is about siding with a continuation of exogenous testosterone even in the presence of Prostate Cancer. It also highlights how exogenous testosterone has become an addictive substance for this individual who would go to any lengths to insure he was allowed continued access, which in itself is most alarming and under any other circumstance of pharmaceutical abuse would be stopped in its tracks.

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