Remembering Fred Diener

The XXY community mourns the passing of Fred Diener an XXY trailblazer of San Diego, California, who died on the 23rd of October, aged sixty-five years. Long before KS&A (AXYS) Fred was a pioneer for the XXY community running a support group for Southern California and featured in several news articles of that era about living with XXY. With the emergence of KS&A and its strong Morman roots, Fred being an outwardly gay man found his support group was overlooked by KS&A as they set about promoting XXY as heteronormative, a practise they continue today even in the presence of mounting evidence that confirms otherwise.

The XXY Project salutes Fred for raising our flag of diversity.

May he rest in peace.


Written by onevoice47xxy

Advocate for the rights of the child, believer of the unbelievable, driver of greater awareness and promoter of diversity & acceptance
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