Message Board Proposal

In 2021 The XXY Project is considering adding a Message Board to our website and we are hoping this is something you would consider supporting. Our website is hosted by Word Press who only permit Message Boards on a business account which means we must upgrade. Doing so will give us lots more bells and whistles but, it also comes at an additional cost, three hundred Australian dollars to be exact. We are happy to put up a sizeable proportion of this ourselves because we see the value in keeping everything in house and not scattered amongst tens of Facebook groups never to be seen by those who need it most, also to prove we are sincere and seek a similar commitment from you because you are the ones who will benefit most from this.   

If you believe this is something that interests you, we would love to have your input so as to devise a template on how best to construct this, alternatively, if planning is not your thing or you simply do not have the time but want to see this become a reality, then please consider making a small contribution so that we can reach our goal.

Thank you for reading here.


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  1. I would like to see a message board here. I would do whatever is necessary to get out of Facebook. I really miss xxytalk.


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