On The Line

We would like to introduce you to Edward (Eddie) Fuchs, a friend of The Project for many years. Eddie is an ex-pat American who has been living in Israel for almost twenty years. During this time, he tells us he received his diagnosis of 47XXY. The diagnosis really took the wind out of his sails and caused him several years of self-doubt trying to figure out just who he was. Like most experiences in life, he was to eventually move on from there and discovered a means to capitalise on that experience, which is evident in his music, art, and volunteer work at The Rosh Pina Community Garden in Northern Israel.

There is no limit,
there is no underline, 
just a subway racing between the lines.
There is no stopping, there are no barriers, 
just a subway racing between the lines. 
For two, for us.
One door, one love and one day. 
Do not cry girl in the alpha cell.
Just on the line you read the sign.
Follow my words to the river for endless flows. 

The song was written by Hagai Segev in collaboration with Eddie and is best described as the feeling of riding a raft on the white water on the Jordan River, as in life, sometimes you ” lead” , sometimes you are “behind” but always stay on the line, as the river of life. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we have and that you will share it with your friends. Better still, if you know Eddie why not reach out and let him know what a really cool song this is.