Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Awareness Day

Friday the 15th of October is Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day.

Even if you’ve never heard of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), you probably know someone with it. DLD is very common, and on average 2 children in every class of 30 have the condition. DLD is when a person has difficulty talking and understanding spoken language. Spoken words and sentences are challenging for people with DLD. DLD impacts learning, reading, writing, social relationships and wellbeing so it is especially important that teachers know about it. By knowing a bit more about DLD you can really have a huge impact on a child or young person’s life. When you see a child or young person struggling, think about language, and think could it be Developmental Language Disorder.

If you are raising an XXY child or perhaps you are an Adult XXY who feels traditional neurological labels of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia etc, fail to properly describe the difficulties you or your child is experiencing, then we invite you to learn more about the differences between them and DLD.

Awareness is nine-tenths of any solution and so we ask that you please share this throughout your networks.