AHRC recommends all unnecessary medical interventions on Intersex children be prohibited.

A landmark Human Rights Commission report, to be released tomorrow, recommends all Australian states and territories prohibit unnecessary medical treatments that modify a child’s physical, hormonal or genetic sex characteristics until they are old enough to consent.

If accepted, the recommendations will take away the right of parents to agree to treatments on behalf of their intersex children if those treatments are not deemed medically necessary.

It follows a Victorian Government announcement in July, that it aims to prohibit non-consensual medical interventions that could be deferred.

The commission has heard from people who have lost the ability to give birth, are unable to control their bladders and have lost sexual function as a result of medical interventions they did not consent to.

Commission president Rosalind Croucher said many intersex people were angry, and urging for change.

The medical interventions should happen only with the consent of the person concerned

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