A Rare Breed

A Rare Breed introduces us to Rob Wilson (47XXY), a Tasmanian Chicken and Pig breeder. Rob was born with dual male and female gonads and underwent surgery as a child to present more male-like in appearance. With the assistance of fertility treatments, he went on to ‘father’ children and, by all accounts thereafter has lived an uneventful life.

Rob said it was because of his genetic differences that he became interested in breeding Bantam Chickens playing around with their genes until he fine-tuned several breeds, one of which was his prized Wyandotte Bantams, he went on to become seventh in the world at producing them. Rob has now reached a point where he feels it’s time to share his life experience of being XXY so that newer generations can understand they are not alone and that successful outcomes are possible. In his own words, ‘people deserve to know that life is not black and white as they often make it out to be.

Red Wombat Productions made contact in recent days to say the documentary has travelled the world of film festivals (please see list of accolades at the source) and has now been made public. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as what we have and that it will open up your eyes to the diversity of XXY, that you may realise there is no right or wrong treatment paradigm, except what works best for you, in some instances that may be to do nothing at all.