U.N Human Rights Council to Investigate Violations and Abuses Against Intersex Persons.

The Vienna Declaration states that human rights are universal, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated. The VDPA makes clear that “every person is born equal and has the same rights to life and welfare, education and work, living independently and active participation…

Air of Silence

High school photography teacher, Chris Somers, speaks with Phoebe Hart about their experience of XXY of being a child in high school, developing breasts and of the relentless teasing from peers that would eventually lead to Chris undergoing a double…

Shifting Syndromes: Sex Chromosome Variations and Intersex Classifications

Original work on Turner syndrome included only women, but a number of published articles identified similar symptom clusters in male individuals. Original work on Klinefelter’s syndrome included only men. Significantly, Klinefelter (1986) always maintained that individuals with this syndrome cluster were unproblematically phenotypic males ‘and should never be considered otherwise’ . However, genetic science in the 1950s would significantly change the classification of individuals with diagnoses of Turner or Klinefelter’s syndromes.

XXY: Lived Experiences

Of the key people in their lives, doctors, mothers and friends were most likely to know about their variations, principals and priests/spiritual advisors were least likely to know. Participants were most likely to have experienced supportive responses from a friend, partner, sister or mother; and least likely to have had a supportive response from people at school.