Just published and made available through Amazon, "Tomorrow" written by Nathan Bowker an XXY individual who identifies their gender as Non Binary, Tomorrow documents the authors lived experiences from difficult school years to an eventual diagnoses of Klinefelter's Syndrome in…

XXY: Lived Experiences

Of the key people in their lives, doctors, mothers and friends were most likely to know about their variations, principals and priests/spiritual advisors were least likely to know. Participants were most likely to have experienced supportive responses from a friend, partner, sister or mother; and least likely to have had a supportive response from people at school.

New DNA ‘clock’ could help measure development in young children

Scientists have developed a molecular "clock" that could reshape how paediatricians measure and monitor childhood growth and potentially allow for an earlier diagnosis of life-altering development disorders. The research, published this week in PNAS, (Full Study) describes how the addition of…

Sex-by-Sequencing Reveals the First Two Species of Marine Mammals with XXY Chromosomes

Genetic sex determination assays assume that individuals are either XY males or XX females, which can be false at the level of phenotype or genotype. At the phenotypic level, intersex individuals with gonads, sex hormones, or genitalia that do not conform to the definitions of male or female sex characteristics have been documented across a growing number of taxa, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals

Study Challenges Idea that Autism is Caused by an Overly Masculine Brain

Of the many proposed triggers for autism, one of the most controversial is the “extreme male brain” hypothesis. The idea posits that exposure to excess testosterone in the womb wires both men and women to have a hypermasculine view of…