A World Without Meaning.

Sadly the XXY community is awash with people like Callie where parents, siblings, loved ones and work colleagues complain about not “getting us” most within the community are medicated with anti depressive and /or amphetamines, resulting in our creativity being quenched. Those who are impacted struggle to fit in, to blend but, as her grandfather pointed out we live in an un-blendable society albeit mostly one with little time for people who are different to themselves.

Klinefelter’s Syndrome (XXY) by Morgan Peppe

An introduction to Klinefelter’s Syndrome as told by the very talented Morgan Peppe that is totally unlike the usual virilisation/ testosterone video’s male- identified XXY’s feel compelled to share. Morgan’s approach offers humour where none previously existed. It also highlights the realities of subjecting oneself to the standard treatment of care and how it makes the individual present more male-like. This transformation that is not always in the person’s best interest. Unfortunately for those who identify their gender as male, the administration of this potent androgen does not cause all the usual benefits one might otherwise associate with masculinity. The XXY version is like being a Cactus minus all the prickly bits.

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Just In Time

We would like to introduce you to Justin, a long time associate of the XXY community and dear friend to one of our authors here. Like many XXY’s, Justin had a horrendous start to life, where he was heavily medicated for various psychological issues before his eventual diagnoses of XXY and subsequent access to Testosterone which he tells us “had been a huge lifesaver and allowed him to turn his life around”.
Over time the haze of indifference has lifted and allowed him to be more passionate about the things he loves and granted him the courage and strength to do things he never dreamed possible, such as an extra in the Vikings Movie, an accomplished musician, with his own recording studio as well as being an avid lover of life and Painting it.

More to follow…….