Everything has a purpose, this is ours.

The XXY Project is an Australian initiative by those who are XXY, we network with XXY’s and Parents from other parts of the world and have come together to voice our concern for the rapid pace infant XXY children, some as young as one-month are recruited for Clinical Trials involving the off label use of Oxandrolone a potent anabolic steroid

We are also a resource for adult XXY’s, Parents and Caregivers presenting up to date information not accessible through established organisations whose futile attempt to support the community primarily focus on infants and children labelling them with Klinefelter’s Syndrome, a disease of the testes not otherwise present among children before puberty. This along with early virilisation, fertility treatments and germ cell preservation, all of which are not a high priority for a majority of XXY’s who sometimes struggle with just looking after themselves.

By presenting different perspectives we hope it will empower you to question a doctor’s directive as to why things must be a certain way. We would also advise you to stay clear of AXYS whose core business is the promotion of the above, and instead we encourage you to do your own research because at the end of the day only you will care enough about your health, your child’s health, or that of a loved one.