What we wish doctors knew about XXY

If you are a doctor and consider yourself an expert in all things XXY, then it’s best to leave now because you will never learn anything about us. Adult XXY’s often have adversarial relationships with physicians. If you have a patient like that, don’t take it personally, it’s usually because the medical community has mistreated…

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I need you to tell me about support networks for people like me, or something similar where my difference is not only accepted but also encouraged. Don’t make me feel like a freak or an anomaly. Endeavour to understand the in-between nature of XXY and help me to fit in with society without losing my unique perspective and sense of self.

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If you are a parent

Please remember I am not you. Allow me to make my own choices and explore my being. Don’t ask me if I feel like a boy or a girl. Chances are I cannot explain my feelings to you in a way you can understand. I need you to make decisions on my health care when I am too…

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The XXY Individual

If you are XXY, it’s essential to realise your uniqueness and know what works for others may not work for you. To that end, if you are seeking the intervention of testosterone, then please realise the most significant impact it will have is that it will cause your body to virilise, which may or may not be in your best interest. For this reason, we suggest working through any issues you may have with a Psychologist who will assist in making a decision that’s right for you.

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