Me, Myself and XXY: Growing Up With Chromodiversity

The eye-opening story of MerlinDesigned for teens, parents, educators and health professionals, it tells of the challenges, frustrations and myths around Klinefelter’s in the form of a children’s storybook. It shows how schools had never heard of the syndrome and provided the wrong kind of support, how health professionals missed the most significant issues he and his family faced, and how close he came to being unnecessarily interned.

It shares key takeaways such as the life-changing positive effect of early diagnosis and intervention, new learning strategies to help unlock natural abilities and strengths, and go-to resources for parents, educators and healthcare professionals.

It is also a funny, moving real-life story, packed with anecdotes and insights that bring to life what growing up with little-understood differences can be like. The book will be published in 2022. 

Little has changed in 20 years. Research has progressed, and social media now allows us to form vibrant communities and speak up, but in other ways, we seem stuck in the past:

  • 3 out of 4 people are still not diagnosed, meaning millions of people have no access to early intervention
  • Myths and misconceptions abound, leading to stigma & stereotypes
  • Parents are unware and unprepared for the diagnostic when it comes
  • Schools and teachers haven’t heard of it and don’t have learning guidelines
  • A recent analysis of 22 research papers over the past 20 years shows that healthcare remains deficient and uncoordinated between specialities

However, we have learned one important thing: nothing matters more in making a positive lifelong difference than early diagnosis and intervention.

Make Change Happen Now

“Me, Myself and XXY: Growing up with Chromodiversity” is the kind of life-changing book that had it existed, would have made life a lot easier for Merlin’s parents and siblings. It would have helped Merlin’s teachers know what to do, and given healthcare professionals a better sense of what to look out for. We are asking for your support to make it a reality.

The only reason we can take action is thanks to our amazing donors. We believe it is urgent to get Merlin’s story published and into the hands of the broadest possible audience, and that’s where everyone can make an immediate impact. 

By giving $25 or more, not only can you make a difference with teens and families to reassure and provide them with an idea of what to expect. You will bring the story into the offices of Primary Physicians, Therapists, Endocrinologists, Psychiatrists, Clinics, Hospitals, and the libraries of elementary and middle schools, high schools, and universities.

Limited Collector’s Edition Reserved for Early Donors

In addition to allowing copies of “Me, Myself and XXY: Growing up with Chromodiversity” to be distributed where it matters, all donors who contribute at least $25.00 will receive a personal thank you from the President of our Foundation. Those who donate $100.00 or more will receive a limited collectors’ edition of “Me Myself & XXY”.