New Name, Newer Direction

Just to advise over the next few days Beyond XXY will be changing its name to The XXY Project,  and we ask you please update your bookmarks and all other means you have for following what goes on here. To those who’ve followed us throughout the past year, we thank you, to those who’ve contributed personal accounts of what being XXY means to you and/or a loved one, we thank you, to those who have shared our website throughout the world wide web, or wrote to tell us what an amazing job we were doing, we would also like to thank you. We hope The XXY Project will contribute to the next chapter in exposing all that is wrong with XXY and specifically how Clinicians over-focus on a pathological description of Klinefelter’s Syndrome and in that process all but ignore 47XXY, thus leading new parents to believe their child is born with a Syndrome when nothing could be further from the truth. We aim to be that truth and we look forward to your continued support in helping us achieve this.

One Voice 47XXY ~