What is Intersex

More than understanding what is “intersex” and the textbook definition, maybe we should be asking who are intersex people and what are their experiences?

About Intersex Peer Support Australia

Intersex Peer Support Australia began in 1985 in the Royal Children Hospital in Melbourne.  We became peer-led in 1996 and peer support gatherings followed soon after in Brisbane and Sydney.  We have held a national support conference almost every year for the last 23 years. In 2001 we legally incorporated as the AIS Support Group Australia Inc. and in 2018 became a registered Health Promotion Charity.  In 2019, we registered Intersex Peer Support Australia as our business name.

We have expanded from humble beginnings to provide peer support between people with any intersex variation throughout Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand. Our volunteers, who are our heart and soul, have successfully advocated for changes to legislative and health systems in Australia, and ensured our voices are a part of international conversations about intersex health and human rights.