Our Journey’s

Caught Between

The first few years of administering Testosterone was like reverse menopause combined with the feeling my female persona was dying it was an overwhelming time of confusion, yet the confusion was mixed with discovery

The Climb

Genetically speaking, my development as a human being was delayed, or perhaps better written, different than my peers. My body doesn’t produce testosterone. Now I know this is a very individualised point, which doesn’t effect and affect many human beings, so bear with me. I have a very vivid memory of sitting on the bathroom sink counter at my friend’s house watching him shave his peach fuzz and looking in the mirror at myself wondering why I didn’t have any? Now, this is the early ‘70’s, so we all had long hair a leftover cultural attribute from the sixties, and I looked way more like a girl than a boy. And it probably didn’t stand out too much to the world, but it sure stood out to me.