Mental Health

If you are a Psychologist or Psychiatrist meeting with me for the first time, try to understand the correlation between my low self-esteem and depression. Before seeing you I have already been seen by several doctors who have informed me XXY’s are abnormal or an anomaly and that my quality of life will be meaningless unless I administer lifelong exogenous testosterone.

As a Psych, you should realise how such a demeanour of my existence could knock the wind out of my sails and leave me to question who I am. Please work with me to be a voice of reason and to offer a reassurance it’s okay to be me. Help me to unravel the harm already caused.

I need you to tell me about support networks for people like me, or something similar where my difference is not only accepted but also encouraged. Don’t make me feel like a freak or an anomaly. Endeavour to understand the in-between nature of XXY and help me to fit in with society without losing my unique perspective and sense of self.

My sense of who I am is inexpressible to someone who is not XXY yet it embodies everything about my perceptions and feelings. Understand you cannot medicate or talk this presence away without doing harm to my most innate self. It is an essential part of what makes me the unique person I am. Teach me how to communicate my needs to Endocrinologists/Urologists so they can be met appropriately and in accordance with my desires.