They never told me xxy is a common, natural variation of the human continuum, they never told me a lot of info that I was missing. I had to figure these out my self, mostly through contact with intersex activists and the valuable site The XXY Project. As in my knowledge, this might be the only (xxy devoted) site that is very well informed and aware, but not influenced by the pathologization that the medical community is imposing to xxy people. The personal stories and the scientific data provided there, is of great importance in understanding the variations and the nature of the xxy spectrum (that in many countries as mine, Greece, continues to be treated by doctors, health staff and the State itself as a pathological, “exclusively male” condition in need of medical “repair” and “treatment”. I strongly wish this mind-opener site continues to be accessible for xxy people, for their parents and parents to be, now and in the future. These knowledge provided there is powerful. And we absolutely need it, plus need to spread it even wider. I m really grateful to the site creators & contributors. Thank you!

Rinio Simeonidou, xxy parent, intersex advocate/founding member of Intersex Greece, BA in Human Studies (European Civilization)