Perhaps you are a parent of an XXY child seeking answers to some puzzling questions, or maybe the child is having a difficult time with Testosterone, and you are trying to understand why. From the experiences of XXY’s who contribute here, we hope you will gain greater insight toward the impact Testosterone can have on an XXY body and, in the process, come to realise hormones are not the be-all and end-all. More positive outcomes are possible when the child is better informed of what the effect will be. Additionally, we hope your overall experience will be positive, and you will share this with others.

Perhaps you are an XXY Adult who has been using Testosterone for many years, and you like the impact it had on your overall self. You might describe it as the missing piece of the jigsaw and wish you had been able to access Testosterone when you were much younger. Early access might have offset the identity and social isolation issues you had to the point of diagnosis and subsequent access to it.

Perhaps you are an XXY Adult who found Testosterone unsettling that it turned your life upside down, and your doctor didn’t understand your rejection. Testosterone might have exposed you to Gender Dysphoria, and support networks you had in place to that point were useless in terms of understanding and support. Perhaps you could seek out newer networks, and things are better now, or maybe you didn’t, and life is not what you would like it to be.

Perhaps you are an XXY adult who had administered Testosterone and came to reject a male identity but does not see yourself as female either. Maybe Gender Queer or Non-Binary might be more appropriate, or perhaps you are still searching.

Or perhaps you are simply curious about XXY or might know of someone who is, and you would like to to support that person better. Maybe you might believe yourself to be XXY.

Whatever the reason you are here, we hope the experience will be one of enlightenment, and you realise the broad spectrum of life that being XXY entails. Every person is worthy of their existence, and all that each of us can and should do is live that life to the best of our abilities wherever that should lead us.

A Rare Breed tells the story of Rob Wilson a Tasmanian Chicken and Pig breeder who also happens to be XXY. Rob was born with two complete sets of male and female gonads and was operated on as a child so they would present more male like in appearance. With the assistance of fertility treatments he went on to ‘father’ children and by all accounts has lived successfully in that role

Alan is an XXY individual and an excellent swing shift piano player, in this interview with Chicago Jazz Magazine he talks candidly about his music and how Klinefelter’s Syndrome had such a big influence on him and his music style. Since 1998 Alan’s vintage-style big band, The Alan Gresik Swing Shift Orchestra, has been in residence every Thursday night at the legendary Chicago Green Mill.

High school photography teacher, Chris Somers, speaks with Phoebe Hart about their experience of XXY of being a child in high school, developing breasts and of the relentless teasing from peers that would eventually lead to Chris undergoing a double mastectomy, an experience they would later come to regret.